Probate / Estate Administration Representation

"Probate" is a court proceeding in which final debts are settled and legal title to property is formally passed from the deceased person. Probate laws are state specific and in Washington a probate is necessary if the property subject to probate exceeds $100,000, or contains any real property (real estate.) see RCW 11.62.01.(2)(c).

Probate is generally straight forward and not particularly time consuming. There is a $241 filing fee, and letters testamentary cost $5 each. If you publish for creditors, the cost is usually $150 to $500. There are recording costs if real property is to be distributed. If there is no will (intestate) there is usually the added cost of a bond, but most other costs will be the same.

The time to complete a probate varies widely, from a few weeks or less to many years, depending on many factors.

Mr. Williams’ flat fee for a probate is $3,000 plus costs, assuming there is no litigation or complex issue involved, and no out of state property. More complex representation is at an hourly rate. He requests an advanced fee deposit of $3,600.

Mr. Williams can assist you in both Estate Administration and other Fiduciary duties.


Attorney Timothy E. Williams serves clients in Tacoma and Pierce County in Washington State.

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